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Exotic Pet Care

While cats and dogs may be among the most common pets, at Tranquility Veterinary Clinic we’re always happy for the chance to serve animals and companions in all shapes and sizes. Dr. Antonelli and Dr. Kurapati are deeply experienced with treating and caring for rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, birds, most reptiles and even some common amphibian pets.

Caring For Your Exotic Pet

Exotic pets can have very different dietary and health needs, but the process for helping ensure their wellness is relatively similar to the process for dogs and cats. We recommend annual wellness checkups, sometimes more depending on your pet’s species, age, and health, which allow us to check-in and perform a physical examination. This helps us spot any potential issues that are specific to your pet’s species or breed. Meanwhile, many exotic pets also require vaccinations from common diseases— some of which are shared across many species, others which may be specific to your unique pet.

Because some exotic animals aren’t quite as expressive with humans as dogs and cats can be, it can be difficult to recognize when something is going wrong inside their bodies. Be sure to watch out for potential warning signs which can include a change in their activity level, how much they’re eating, aggression, or other behaviors. There’s nothing wrong with bringing your pet in for a diagnostic visit even if you’re not 100% certain something is wrong. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind of having them checked out by either Dr. Antonelli or Dr. Kurapati.

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